Friday, February 16, 2007

Margie Brooks, with Calli, Kira and little JJ

Here at Belaire we are just as proud of our service dogs that we bred then any Champion or Performance dog. Margie Brooks who own three lovely Shelties, "Calli, Kira and little JJ" (wonder where the name "JJ" came from) do wonderful things together to help their community. Everything from working with the elderly in Nursing Homes, to helping Elementary School student learn to read better. Her dogs Kira and Calli both passed their Therapy Dog International Test with JJ soon to pass his as well. Margie is funny cause when I would call to see if she knew of anyone that might want a puppy, well it just seemed that was all it took for Kira and JJ to soon find their way into her home.!!! BTW Margie, I am having puppies next week!!!!!!! LOL. Keep up the good work, we are very proud of you.

Gloria and Ken

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Margie Brooks said...

Thank you so much Gloria for including all of us on your blog.
I am so thankful that you have allowed me three of your very special fur kids to add to my family. We so enjoy what we do to help people in our community.
And... NO!!!! I do not want any puppies !! And if you send me a photo I might crack under pressure
:o)... Many thanks again Gloria,