Friday, February 16, 2007

Belaire's Circle Of Life CGC, AX, AXJ..."Shine"

We are so proud of Nancy Craig and her lovely dog "Shine", Belaire's Circle of Life CGC, AX, AXJ. When Nancy got Shine from us his name was Jayson. He is the son of our "JJ", Am/Can. CH Tar-Ri Kylenes Country Pride Am/Can. CD, RAE, AX, AXP, AXJ, OJP, NAC-V, OJC, CGC,TDI, AG.N, TG-N, TN-N, PT, HCT, JHD, VCX+CH, out of Sandylwood-Belaire Take A Bow. We could not believe that in less then a year, Nancy had him competing in Agility and taking 1st places and titling so fast. They are a great team together!! The past weekend up in Edinboro Shine double Q'd on Sat. (but, Jumpers was in ExA and Standard was in ExB, so it didn't make any difference towards MACH double Q's). So, now he's in ExB in both, because that was his A Jumpers title (he took 1st). The summary: An AXJ title, 2 MX legs, 26 MACH points total- we are on our way!

Gloria and Ken

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