Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Computer Crash and more!!!!

It was so hard to believe, but only after 6 months, my second hard drive decided to crash and along with it went every bit of information, pictures etc that I have collected in the last 20 years or so of being on the computer. Did I back up everything....NO. All my email addresses etc were gone. Thanks to friends who sent me things I would have sent them or needed, I am now just beginning to get somethings going again. A lesson well learned believe me. My good friend Val, sent me the Easter Card I sent out this year of the last Corgi litter I may ever have for a long time if not all together. It was another C-section and we lost 3 puppies right away. But we were blessed with the two sweetest most loving puppies I think I have ever had. One male and one female. The male a "fluffy" and also was a "swimmer" puppy and the other a little girl. Their names were "Bogart" and "Hannah". Bogart being a Fluffy could not be shown and Hannah was so small and very tight coated, so our goal was to find great pet homes for them. Thanks to my dear friend Midge Ruscak we did!! Knowing what their mother Sienna went through and talking to our Vet we decided not to breed her again and she too went to a super home. Sometimes I wish we kept Bogart, fluffy or not. We no longer have any female Corgis, but might lease a nice girl to breed to our CH. Coaster one day.....who knows. I may have been in Shelties for almost 30 years now with my share of Sheltie puppies, but no puppy is cuter and more full of themselves then my Corgi puppies. So all my Sheltie friends can kill me..............hey it is the truth!!!!!! Enjoy my Easter Card with my beautiful Corgi babies:):)
Oh, for those of you that don't know what a "swimmer puppy" is, it is one that can't get up on all 4 feet to walk and has a very flat chest from laying on it more then normal. We kept rolling him in our hands to help develope the roundness he needed in his chest for the flat chest can also cause suffication so it is something that you need to work with many times a day. Also, to help him get his feet under him, we bought bath matts with the texture of tall grass. It gave him something to dig his back feet into and once we did that, boy did he start moving. It was great. Before he left here at 10 weeks, you would have never known he was a swimmer. Chest was rounding out nicely and he ran as fast as 4 little Corgi feet would let him move. A good learning experience one I never encountered. With all my years in breeding dogs, you never know what is new to learn around the corner!!!!

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Cool Design Shelties said...

Modern electronics/technology is so vulnerable :o(

Good you have good friends to help you collect some of the things you have losed.