Friday, December 26, 2008


We hope everyone had a great Christmas, Ken and I certainly have and now all the visiting and partying starts!! Not really good for my dialysis treatments let me tell you. Over the holiday a good friend that I sold a puppy too a year or so ago, sent me a lovely picture of him. His owner is named James Simmons, from Rockton Illinois, They have been hit with a lot of snow, but in all of this of course the Shelties are in love with it. He named him "Chipper", he is the brother to the beautiful "Frankie" that Bob and Val Clemente is showing. Their mother is our Sarah and the father is a dog we once owned named Surfer. Although Jim is not liking the snow, who blames him, Chipper loves it!!!


Josh and Jess said...

Wow, look at all that snow! And you're up to your knees in it :)

Would you like to be friends with us? We're two Shelties from New Zealand.

Come and visit us on if you like.

Happy New Year and all the best

Josh and Jessie

Kathy said...

Pretty Sheltie! I love snow coats, but shiver at the thought of snow itself.