Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whats up??? ALOT:)

It's been 6 months since I have posted anything on my blog. So much has happened to me in those months that made it almost impossible to even sit at the computer. I know a lot of people have been wondering whats up? Well, at the end of May, I had to start on kidney dialysis. I got so sick that I could not even move I was so bloated with water. My heart was pumping twice as fast and I gained in water weight alone, over 100lbs. After all the testing, we found that my kidneys have just about given up. Thank heavens for dialysis, but it takes a lot of getting use to and your body takes a major strain. God never intended for our blood to be taken out of our body, cleaned and put back in. But "Thank God" for it. Dialysis has kept me alive, took all the access water out of my body and I am now way over 100lbs lighter and I feel so good. I am still have blood pressure issues but it is not as bad as it once was. In the beginning I would get up and my BP would drop so low that I would almost pass out and fall. I feel 17 times and lucky never did I get hurt. I also am battling a foot ulcer and they want me off my feet. Well I tell them how can I gain my strength back if I have to sit all day...it's a catch 22! However, by spring I am hoping to be able to do mostly what I did before. I miss my dogs shows, all the activities, going in the RV and mostly being with my friends:)

I am happy to report that my Gracie that I co-own with Judy Cooper was leased out to Elizabeth Brinkley and she produced a lovely litter of 5 puppies. She was bred to Am/Can Ch. Apples Acres Expedition, RON, ROMC. Our agreement was that I could take 3rd pick puppy if I wanted so that is just what I did. Although I was in luck because for me I actually got what I felt was 2nd pick puppy so I was delighted. He is a bi blue named "Tripp"...Belaire Robinvale Round Tripp. He is co-owned with my dear friends, Bob and Valerie Clemente of Robinvale Shelties. He is already started his training and is having a blast with the rest of the Robinvale gang!! We will have to get some updated pictures and post them for you to see.

So, you can see why I have been away and not doing any updates however I have a big one to share so there it is above!!!!!!!

Love to you all.........Gloria, Ken and all the furkids!!!!

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Laureate said...

Hi Gloria,
Sorry to read of your kidney failure. Dialysis is not fun...but it sure beats the alternitive! I know one fellow that would do "hot" yoga before dialysis, so he'd sweat out fluid...that way it didn't have to be remove during dialysis. I never tried it, but I really watched the fluid intake. When they remove a lot of fluid the BP will drop. Hang in there!!!