Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aime's Puppies now 4 weeks

Here are just a few pictures of the Aime/Bear puppies at 4 weeks old. I can't get over how much they look alike and just how nice all three are developing. Such a friendly group of kissy babies. Tomorrow they make their big move into our family room and weaning begins. Aime has been a fantastic Mom, but I think she is ready to let us take it from here.

The first puppy we call "Brenna", she thinks she is "top puppy", always first to get the treats and not a shy bone in her little body! The second is "Carly", she does not take anything from her sister, but love to entertain herself doing all kind of crazy things. And the only little boy in the litter is "Patrick". He likes to play with his sisters, but I have seen him entertain himself, playing with the balls in the pen and carrying things all over the place. He is simply a real love!! More pictures are to come. Not sure who I want to keep, for they are way to young to pick yet. But all three puppies right now are the same size, tons of coat, beautiful stops for AOAC's and are just all around lovely puppies:)

This bunch of cuties is co-owned with Elizabeth Brinkley of Dante Kennels!! Aime for those that do not know is formally,
AM/UKC CH Wynstone's Belle Aime and Bear their sire is CH Road's End Obvious Conclusion.

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