Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year!!

This is my sweetest boy "JJ" at almost 14 years young taking a well deserved nap!! I am sure he has many sweet dreams!!

Ken and I wish you all "Happy Holidays" and a "Great New Year". This past year was a fantastic one for us here at Belaire. We finished 3 Championships, almost 4. Starting off the year was our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, "Coaster"..CH Belaire's Kingda Ka, then in the summer was Shetland Sheepdog "Breckon"..CH Belaire's What You Leave Behind, then in Sept. Sheltie "Aime"..CH Wynstone's Belle Aime' and only needing 3 single pts to finish is Sheltie "Lainey" Belaire's Town N' Country. So we consider that a pretty good year!!! I want to Thank all the people who contributed in making this a super year.

It won't be long and with the New Year knocking on the door, we'll do it all over again!!

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