Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Breckon wins a 5 pt major!


am still pinching myself, but yes, at the Trumbull KC show on Sunday, May 27, 2007 we were so excited to get the call from Cadie Pruss, Breckon's handler that he took Winners Dog and Best Of Winners for a 5 pt. Major win. Never in all my days of showing has one of my dogs won a 5 pt. Major. Breckon.."Belaire's What You Leave Behind" the son of our beautiful dog "JJ", is only 2pts away from winning the title of "CHAMPION". I have had some ask me why I called him "What You Leave Behind",well Breckon is a part of my most beloved dog "JJ" and he will be a special part that someday when "JJ" is gone, that Jay will be leaving behind for me. Sort of a sad thought but also a wonderful one. I love all my "JJ" kids and grandkids and as I see it, I can see at least three more of his kids finishing their title. Not to mention his grandkids and so on.

Here is a picture of Cadie and Breckon, not from this show, but some beautiful shots Cadie sent me a friend of hers took from another show a few weeks ago. What a GREAT TEAM, what a wonderful FRIEND!

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